Function DP_NewDeepPotModelDeviWithParam

Function Documentation

DP_DeepPotModelDevi *DP_NewDeepPotModelDeviWithParam(const char **c_model, const int n_models, const int gpu_rank, const char **c_file_contents, const int n_file_contents, const int *size_file_contents)

DP model deviation constructor with initialization.

  • c_models[in] The array of the name of the frozen model file.

  • nmodels[in] The number of models.

  • gpu_rank[in] The rank of the GPU.

  • c_file_contents[in] The contents of the model file.

  • n_file_contents[in] The number of the contents of the model file.

  • size_file_contents[in] The sizes of the contents of the model file.


DP_DeepPotModelDevi* A pointer to the deep potential model deviation.