Create a model

If you’d like to create a new model that isn’t covered by the existing DeePMD-kit library, but reuse DeePMD-kit’s other efficient modules such as data processing, trainner, etc, you may want to read this section.

To incorporate your custom model you’ll need to:

  1. Register and implement new components (e.g. descriptor) in a Python file. You may also want to register new TensorFlow OPs if necessary.

  2. Register new arguments for user inputs.

  3. Package new codes into a Python package.

  4. Test new models.

Design a new component

When creating a new component, take descriptor as the example, you should inherit deepmd.descriptor.descriptor.Descriptor class and override several methods. Abstract methods such as must be implemented and others are not. You should keep arguments of these methods unchanged.

After implementation, you need to register the component with a key:

from deepmd.descriptor import Descriptor

class SomeDescript(Descriptor):
    def __init__(self, arg1: bool, arg2: float) -> None:

Register new arguments

To let someone uses your new component in their input file, you need to create a new method that returns some Argument of your new component, and then register new arguments. For example, the code below

from typing import List

from dargs import Argument
from deepmd.utils.argcheck import descrpt_args_plugin

def descrpt_some_args() -> List[Argument]:
    return [
        Argument("arg1", bool, optional=False, doc="balabala"),
        Argument("arg2", float, optional=True, default=6.0, doc="haha"),

allows one to use your new descriptor as below:

"descriptor" :{
    "type": "some_descrpt",
    "arg1": true,
    "arg2": 6.0

The arguments here should be consistent with the class arguments of your new component.

Package new codes

You may use setuptools to package new codes into a new Python package. It’s crucial to add your new component to entry_points['deepmd'] in

entry_points = (
        "deepmd": [

where deepmd_some_descrtpt is the module of your codes. It is equivalent to from deepmd_some_descrtpt import SomeDescript.

If you place SomeDescript and descrpt_some_args into different modules, you are also expected to add descrpt_some_args to entry_points.

After you install your new package, you can now use dp train to run your new model.